We just got dumped with two winter storms. The first left behind nearly two feet of wind drifted snow on Tuesday. Then last night we got another storm that left an additional foot of snow. We’re all trying to take it in stride; we had a warm-up in December that was followed by nearly a month of very little precipitation.

What better time to be curled up next to the woodstove than a cold winter evening. The wind is howling, the wind chill is dropping. It’s cold enough to keep the Snowmobiles off the trails! That’s cold!

I was looking through pictures from summers’ past and found this gem from the Vaughan Homestead in Hallowell. They had a group of Pre-Revolutionary War Re-enactors set up camp out in front of the main house for a few days. I stopped by during one of the demonstrations the re-enactors were presenting and caught this scene. What a great place to set up camp! You can probably see the sturgeon jump from there!

Summer is a mere 5 months away. Photos like this remind me of what we’re waiting for;  they make it worth enduring the month of February.

Kennebec River from the encampment
The view of the Kennebec River from the front lawn of the Vaughan Homestead
The same scene looking down river from the second floor of the Vaughan Homestead. 66 Day Solargraph
The same scene looking down river from the second floor of the Vaughan Homestead. 66 Day Solargraph.  On view at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland, Maine, through May, 2015

One thought on “Summer

  1. richholschuh says:

    I know the feeling: summer in New England is close to paradise and repays manyfold the challenge of a constricting winter. It’s sometimes hard to remember that when one is caught in its long grip!

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