I work in a variety of formats for my photographic work. I prefer film over digital, though I agree with what my friend Tanja Hollander said, “the best camera to use is the one you have with you.” For pinhole work I use altoid tins, paint cans, an 8 x 10 fome core camera I built, Holga Pinholes, Polaroid, and even a Sharan cardboard pinhole camera.

The first pinhole camera I made was back in 1988. I was inspired by a friend who did his senior thesis using Polaroid SX-70 pinhole photography. I built one out of black fome core and ran through two boxes of film which produced mixed results then gave up on pinhole photography for about 10 years. I picked it up again about 20 years ago and have been working with pinhole cameras ever since. I first showed a body of pinhole & plastic camera work with my friends when we mounted a pop-up exhibit at a gallery in South Portland in 2010. In 2015 I had my first solo show which was exclusively Pinhole photographs. The Glickman Library exhibit featured the body of work I produced using the solargraph process.





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