Hand crafted

Custom Made

Historic or Contemporary Designs

over thirty years of experience as a frame maker and gilder for artists,

collectors, and museums

custom picture frame hand made in Maine
The Ice Storm of 1998 hit Northern New England with a furor. The birch trees were hardest hit. This frame is created from a birch tree harvested by my neighbor after it lost its battle with the Ice Storm. The frame features a ring of beads of burnished 12 karat white gold and a convex mirror


4” wide reverse Swan in 23 karat on black clay
#690 in 22 karat burnished gold leaf on orange clay
whitewashed maple box frame with splined corners
4” wide Platform Frame in a custom off white color for a painting by Marsden Hartley
Silver leaf on a reverse swan profile with a single reed profile sight edge for a painting by Rockwell Kent


Walnut and gilt ornament
4” wide double wedge profile with a running pattern at the height of the frame. Shown in walnut and 22 karat gold leaf
J C Stevens
a one-of-a-kind frame design in cherry with a gilt sight edge created for this apartment in an historic John Calvin Stevens home in Portland, Maine
Jessie Volk alphabet frame
in light blue and 12 karat white gold leaf, this frame was created based on a design seen at Hewnoaks in Lovell, Maine by artist Jessie Volk
gold leaf, harer, frame
made for a painting by Leon Kroll, this Frederick Harer design is finished in 22 karat gold leaf
Federal cove in 22 karat gold leaf
A classic profile suitable for historic or contemporary paintings. Shown here around a recent portrait by Tina Ingraham
Frame for Bernard Langlais painting
modern reverse profile in 2o karat moon gold burnished on red clay
antiqued 22 karat gold leaf on a cassetta profile
showing two versions of burnished 12 karat white gold leaf: at left with a rub through, at right with no rub-through
white contemporary picture frame made in Maine by Johanna Moore
Contemporary reverse profile for work by MP Landis
gold leaf, hand carved, made in Maine, custom made, Johanna Moore
Carved and incised, burnished 22kt gold leaf based on a design by Vivian Akers
gilded picture frame made in Maine by Johanna Moore
A reverse profile picture frame custom made for a painting by Pontormo for the Medici family. This frame was created as a Traveling Frame so the original frame would not have to be shipped with the painting when it goes out on loan to other museums
5” wide Carved Spanish Style Frame