The Screen Show: Farnsworth Art Museum 2019

Anna Scott Fisher by Cecelia Beaux in the collection of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine.

In this post I share the process to create the screen Waveform for the Farnsworth Art Museum exhibit February 9-September 22, 2019. The full scale screen is the realization of a dream to make what was originally a 6” x 12” mockup into a six foot by seven foot object. Each step of the process required explorations in construction and design to scale the screen to its full size.

Waveform, 2019 Tim Finefrock & Johanna Moore

mahogany, 23 karat gold leaf 72” H x 84” W
Artist’s Statement for the Farnsworth:

As a picture frame and gilded object conservator I am fortunate to be able to examine an infinite array of frame designs from across history. Early picture frames in the Western world were architectonic, constructed as integral to an interior building to house icons depicting biblical events, through time they became constructs to protect and illuminate the paintings within; before the invention of the lightbulb, gilded frames captured and reflected available light. While conserving the picture frame for the portrait of Anna Scott Fisher by Cecelia Beaux (Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 2006.21) I was intrigued by the effect of movement which resulted from the carved and gilded sine wave pattern in its frame. This inspired the creation of a series of studies of optical illusions using carved patterns and burnished precious metal leaf. Waveform is the result of one of these studies. 

On view at the Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine.  The Screen Show, through September 22, 2019.

custom folding screen made in Maine gold leaf mahogany
Waveform: 14 panel folding screen in Mahogany and 23 karat gold leaf

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