gold leaf, hand carved, gilded, Maine, picture framer
this hand carved 19th century Spanish Style gilded picture frame was custom made for the early painting by Waldo Peirce, Portrait of a Spanish Lady.


I am an artist and frame maker living and working in Maine


  • hand-carved, hand-crafted gilded picture frames
  • conservation and restoration of gilded objects
  • contemporary and historic frame designs

Signage and Graphics:

  • hand lettering
  • vinyl graphics
  • 3-Dimensional, wood, plastic, and metal signage
  • gold leaf on glass and wood
  • window and vehicle graphics
  • logos, graphic design


  • Pinhole photography
  • gilded abstracts, landscapes, and icons

As I merge my old business  into this website, you can see more of the frames I make at my old website Artifacts 



Contact:  Johanna Moore   207.828.0028