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About Me

Welcome to Lone Pine Projects

My parents were craftspeople. Growing up I was always surrounded by artists, craftsmen, and the tools to make anything I wanted and was always encouraged to try new things. To this day I still explore new ideas and I’m not discouraged if I try an idea and it fails. It’s the process of invention and it’s what keeps me going.

Over 25 years ago my husband and I opened a gallery on Congress Street in Portland, Maine which sold antique decorative and fine art and  offered custom picture framing and gilded object conservation services. After 17 years, the skyrocketing costs of maintaining a storefront far outweighed the benefits so we closed the doors and started operating by appointment for our framing and conservation services.

The artist working along Mill Stream in Caratunk, Maine late October 2014 gathering a pinhole camera she left there for four months for her Solargraphy project along the Kennebec River.

The artist working along Mill Stream in Caratunk, Maine late October 2014 gathering a pinhole camera she left there for four months for her Solargraphy project along the Kennebec River.

The freedom I gained from no longer having to be present in a gallery during set hours has allowed me to regain the creative momentum I lost while focusing on a retail operation. I’m creating more and exhibiting more. I started Lone Pine Projects in an effort to distinguish my personal creative endeavors from the frame making/conservation business.

I work in a variety of media and often  incorporate the skills of my craft into the art I create. I work primarily with gold leaf and medieval iconography techniques as well as digital and film photography, pinhole, plastic cameras and alternative printing  and processes. 

Ever since my high school German teacher introduced me to Goethe, I have been living by a tenet I have taken from one of his quotes I altered. “How do you know where you are in the world if you don’t know who and what has been there before you.” This tenet works with my passion for history; I have been researching the history of decorative arts in Maine for over 25 years.  My blog posts here offer small glimpses into this part of my creative pursuits. I use my other WordPress weblog for posting about picture framing:  gildedfarmer.wordpress.com

2015 is going to be a very exciting year for me. I am having an exhibit of my Solargraph project at the Maine Museum of Photographic Art January-May. This project will be traveling to towns along the Kennebec River. In April I will be leading an outing for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Follow my blog posts to stay apprised of all the events happening this year!

You can see the custom made picture frame designs I make through the partnership with my husband here at this website –>  Artifacts 

2 comments on “About Me

  1. Bryan Mindermann
    October 23, 2014

    I saw one of the pin hole cameras this summer in real late July 2014. Today is October 22, 2014 and I came across the url that I wrote down when I noticed it on the pin hole camera. Great Idea. I wonder if you ended up with any stupid pictures of me… Big Guy, beard, short hair, probably all black sunglasses.

    • gildedfarmer
      October 24, 2014

      Hi Bryan! I’m so glad that you took the time to take note of the address and follow up on your encounter. The funny thing is, you would only appear in the image if you stood in front of the camera for four solid months. Even if you walk in front of it you will not affect it. Tell me where you saw the camera and, if the camera is still there when I go to get it, I will share the image with you so you can see what I am talking about! The exhibit will be in Portland starting in January and I’m hoping to take it “on the road” up the Kennebec for the summer. I already have Waterville booked for late spring!

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