Jennifer Keef

Hot on the heels of visiting the studios of Barbara Bean and Ed Mc Cartan, I set about to find other artists whose work would both sympathize with and stand apart from their style.  I asked other artists in Maine for recommendations, I perused galleries, studio buildings, and even my Facebook friends.  I was sent an invitation to see the work of my niece, Jennifer Keef, who was showing some paintings at Nosh in Portland, Maine.  As soon as I saw her pieces, I knew she had to be included in the exhibit.  I love how her colors overlap, swirl, and multiply on the surfaces and layers of these colors and patterns fill the panels like the plants and animals fill the forest.

Jennifer’s Artist Statement:

Motivated by passion, the smell of coffee in the morning and all things with color, painting is my outlet. In the recent years my style of creativity has morphed all due to one simple piece of paper. My great grandfather handed me a painting I always had my eye on as a little girl and that has been my main inspiration. The pieces I have been working on for about 5 years now has been dubbed, “The Ross Collection.”  Each painting has a story of how it was born, the end result a swirly twirly colorful ending. I have been painting since I could hold a brush and mixing colors together for as long as I can remember. I hope you enjoy!

by Jennifer Keef
Jenny sous les arbres

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