On View at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine

August 5-27, 2011

Opening   Friday, August, 5, 2011 5-8 pm
Art Talk by Ed McCartan: “Fishing for Subject Matter”  August 11, 2011 7 p

Nature’s Keep

•    Barbara Bean, Brunswick, ME
•    Ross Grams, Vienna, ME
•    Jennifer Keef, Standish, ME
•    Jessie Lyle, Whiteby Island, WA
•    Ed McCartan, Brunswick, ME
•    Louise Philbrick, South Portland, ME
•    Shannon Rankin, Rangeley, ME

At once nurturing and destructive, placating and powerful, the dichotomy called Nature is eternally and universally an infinite source of inspiration.

The work of seven artists responding to the natural world will be exhibited at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine, August 5-27, 2011. curated by Johanna Moore, the exhibit will feature Barbara Bean’s collage/monoprints and pen & inks depicting woodland edges,   Ross Grams’ paintings of the element of fire in nature,   Jennifer Keef’s floral-scapes,  Jessie Lyle’s  intertwining painted and printed patterns found along streams and in fields, Ed McCartan’s bold colorful floral paintings,  Louise Philbrick’s assemblages inspired by sacred geometry, music, and the microscopic world, and Shannon Rankin’s collages derived from the healing art of Simpling along with some biomorphic sculptures.  Don’t miss this show!

by Ed McCartan

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