Gilding a Spanish Style Picture Frame

I was awarded the commission to create a carved Spanish-style picture frame for a 1914 painting by Waldo Peirce for the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. I was thrilled to get the commission.

Under a tight deadline to have the frame ready for installation in the galleries, non-stop work was needed. The sigh of relief came when the frame was complete and I was pleased with the toning!

gilding, carved frame, artist, gold leaf
Nearly complete carved florets alongside the frame as it is being carved


The finished frame!
custom hand carved picture frame gold leaf, gilded, Maine, craftsman, Johanna Moore
Before toning, at left the frame is water gilded and burnished. After toning, at right the frame is ready to be wrapped and delivered to the museum!
gold leaf, hand carved, gilded, Maine, picture framer
this hand carved 19th century Spanish Style gilded picture frame was custom made for the early painting by Waldo Peirce, Portrait of a Spanish Lady.

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