Diary of a River: 1/28

solargraph at Harris Station Dam

May Day 2015. Thus begins the last month of my exhibit of Solargraphs at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland. I’m going to take this time to reflect back upon my project and the moments I captured onto photographic paper by posting an image a day from the exhibit.

solargraph at Harris Station Dam
Harris Station Dam at Indian Pond Twp., Maine. 129 Day Solargraph. 2014

My Solargraph project started here at Indian Pond.  Harris Station Dam forms Indian Pond. It is currently owned by  Brookfield Renewable Energy. When they purchased the dam systems in Maine they had no idea they were also purchasing campgrounds and were going to have to maintain their contract with the state and federal governments to maintain access to the river and to provide water releases for the scores white water rafting guide operations. For Brookfield Renewable Energy, releasing water is releasing money. And, today more so than ever, money drives the decisions. Not communities or employees or environmental needs. Money.

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