Louise Philbrick

Louise!  While searching for artists whose work would fit into the exhibit, my friend Amy Ray suggested I look at her work.  We stopped by her South Portland, Maine,  studio to see her assemblages.  Taking parts of things which create sounds and rearranging them to create patterns found in nature and in the microscopic world, Louise creates beautiful repeating patterns of order.  Her craftsmanship and attention to detail leaves no one to wonder why her work is sought after by collectors!

When I first saw this video on YouTube  http://youtu.be/GtiSCBXbHAg, I immediately thought of Louise:  give it a play, it totally demonstrates geometry and sound!

Amy Ray (l) with Louise in her studio

Louise’s Artist Statement:

Found objects. Recycled instrument parts. Fragments of nature.  My visual vocabulary compromises salvaged materials that reveal the rigors of their history. Every object has a story.

Anthem by Louise Philbrick
by Louise Philbrick

My intention is  to convey these stories. I approach each piece with memory, context and rhythm in mind. Informed by nature, science and math, my organizing principle is often the same: how a relationship is the appearance of order and how order implies meaning. At least it seems to. People don’t question 46 pieces of coral scattered on the beach. But take the same pieces of coral, arrange them equidistantly in a straight line, and people will ask, “What does that spell?” Put 50 broken pianos keys in a circle, and people wonder, “What does that mean?” As I begin to organize things, a relationship emerges. A relationship that has order. It is order. It’s something I can describe. Logic suggests that if you can name it, it has meaning. In my work, I get to control that meaning. And that, for whatever reason, feels good.

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